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php-openerp-lib, openerplib

php openerp lib openerplib openerp php library for openerp

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openerp php library used xml-rpc , and openerp ORM openerplib is a library for PHP that allows operations with xml-rpc OpenERP comfortably. Inspired from Openerp Client Liprary python

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Dependency (requirement)


It requires no special installation. Copy the / openerplib where being want to use and import to your php script


Two forms of use.

Configuring file / openerplib /

      define('_OPENERPLIB_BD_', '');
      define('_OPENERPLIB_UID_', 0);
      define('_OPENERPLIB_PASSWD_', '');
      define('_OPENERPLIB_URL_', 'http://openerp/xmlrpc');

On-live setting.

      $config = array(
          'bd'        => 'mybdname',
          'uid'       => 1212,
          'passwd'    => 'foo',
          'url'       => 'http://openerp/xmlrpc',
      $open = new OpenERP($config);